A Judge You Can Trust.

Meet David.

Attorney David D. Ritter operates a private law office in the Lehigh Valley, practicing primarily in the field of Criminal Law.

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Why YOU should support Atty. David Ritter for Judge


Local Roots

Attorney Ritter was born and raised in Lehigh County. He lives here now with his wife Tammi, and two sons. He has been involved with his Community as a Scout Leader, Church Elder, Little League Coach, and School volunteer.


For 24 years, Atty. Ritter has been in a Courtroom handling serious cases before the Judges of Lehigh County.. He has served as a Deputy District Attorney, Assistant Public Defender, Arbitrator, and currently operates The Law Office of David D. Ritter. With all this experience, Atty. Ritter is prepared to step onto the Bench as a Judge on day one.


Attorney Ritter will commit to treating every person in his Courtroom with decency, and to being a fair Judge to all parties involved in a case.